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Month: January, 2013


Started the day with a yoga session in Coral Reef Spa at 8am and finishing the day with a tennis lesson at 6pm. Both outside. Not bad for being a Thursday in January.



Definition: The quality or state of being worthy of esteem or respect. EMBRACE.


Sunset beach walk yesterday.. pretty gorgeous.


Step it up to new heights (!)

New in the closet from Harrods sale in London last week. Got this high-waisted bikini bottom to match with my other pattern bikini from Chucs. This one was inspired by Charles Finch friend- the very elegant Cate. And named after her last name, “Blanchett”.



Apparently as good as a MBA…

Started a new book. One chapter a day. More during the weekends. Business! Now!


Golfing this morning with my new buddy..


Sophie Gimbel at Parsons

Back to school. Yesterday was my first day of this semester and I am eager to get started. I went to orientation in The New School last Friday and walked by Parsons where an exhibition of her original design is displayed.Super talented designer Sophie Gimbel put American Couture on the fashion map. She was also the first American designer to appear on the cover of Time (!) Wow wow wee.

sophiegimbel sophiegimbel2

The life of today..

How brilliant is this? Studying though a New York University from a little Island in the Caribbean and on Skype daily with the sister back in Sweden. Gotta love it.


Ah ah ah Acne

– Be min by David Gray. “From the very first moment I saw you. That’s when I knew. All the dreams I held in my heart. Had suddenly come true”. Acnepre-fall 2013 –

Acne dress

A better Sunday in Barbados

Warmth! It is something to be said about a hot climate. Spending the entire day on the beach- swimming, reading, relaxing and beautiful walks. Finished “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Timothu Ferriss. Must say that escaping the 9-5 job and the term ‘mini-retirement’ sounds very tempting. However, I hope I’ll get a job that I love and WANT to dedicate more than 4-hours a week. Preferable from anywhere.

barbadoooos barbadooos